Aim To Discover was created with great appreciation for outdoors. The aim of this project is to encourage more people to head outdoors and safely enjoy what nature has in store for us.

We hope to inspire new adventures through our skill-based tutorials, extensive gear reviews, and in-depth trip guides.

Hi there!

It is easy to forget that there is a person behind the screen. However, I know that you are just as real as I am. Therefore, the first thing I want to say is Thank You.

Thank you for reading our posts and hopefully finding use in them during your hiking and camping experiences.

Now, I would like to share with you the idea behind Aim To Discover and why we are here in the first place.

The knowledge that we share with you through our posts has only one goal – to encourage more people to head outside and explore.

Now more than ever we have grown disconnected both from nature and people. And through my own experience, I found that restoring that connection brings clarity and purpose. Knowing this, I felt that it is important to inspire others to rediscover nature by hiking and camping. 

So the vision for Aim To Discover is to help people all around the world to reconnect with nature through knowledge and empowerment.

Even though there are various ways to spend your time outdoors, I feel that hiking and camping are the closest to my heart. So this project is dedicated to sharing my knowledge about hiking and camping and learning together.

Through our skill-based tutorials, quality hiking gear reviews, and in-depth hiking trip guides, I hope to inspire new adventures all around the world.

I hope you enjoy Aim To Discover and learn through our experiences. Any feedback is highly valued so feel free to contact us and use the comments section below our posts.

Aim To Discover founder, Veronika!