Hiking boots are critical to anyone who regularly spends lots of time outdoors walking. Whether it’s a long-term challenge on a demanding trail or Sunday wandering through sun-filled forest paths, the right hiking boots are crucial to your performance and comfort on the trail.

There is a vast choice of hiking boots with different features. Therefore, choosing the right ones that would fit with how and where you hike can often seem nearly impossible. To help you in choosing the best budget hiking boots, we have put together a guide and review of the best hiking boots under 100. But first, let’s briefly discuss the different types of hiking boots to choose from.

The three types of hiking boots

At the end of the day, we can categorize all hiking shoes into three types:

  • Light trail shoes;
  • Trail boots;
  • Mountaineering boots.

While all types of hiking boots are designed for hiking, each type is best suited for different terrains, loads, and distances. Therefore, knowing the difference between them will help you to make the right choice.

Light trail shoes

Light hiking shoes are like a heavily built version of running shoes. Although often called the “day hiking boots” or “hill hiking boots”, these boots are better referred to as shoes. They are best suited for light day-hikes, although many backpackers choose them for longer distances because of their ultra-light fit. However, be aware that this type of hiking boot provides no ankle support.

Trail boots

Trail boots are sturdier than light trail shoes. They offer better traction, are high-cut, and often watertight while being only slightly heavier than light trail shoes. Trail boots will provide you with stability and ankle support. This makes them a great choice on a mixed difficulty terrain. We recommend opting for these hiking boots if you will buy only one pair – being lightweight, supportive, and stable, they offer the best mix of qualities.

Mountaineering boots

Mountaineering boots are the heavy lifters of the boot world. They are specifically designed for heavy loads and long, difficult terrains. While exceptionally durable, mountaineering boots also provide rock-solid support for your ankles. However, their durability comes at the price of being heavy.

Best hiking boots under 100$

Now that you are familiar with the types of hiking boots, let’s see the best hiking boots under 100$ in each of the three categories starting with budget light trail shoes.

Merrell Moab 2 Vent ($65) – Trail Shoes

Merrell Moab 2 Vent - best hiking boots under 100

Category:  Light trail shoes

Weight: 1lb 15oz / 888g (1 pair)

Waterproof: Yes

These lightweight trail shoes provide great comfort on less challenging trails. While being waterproof, these shoes have great air-flow. Made of suede leather and mesh, the boot features a protective rubber toe cap, Vibram TC5+ sole, a supportive footbed, and more.

Moab 2 Vent by Merrell is a great choice for occasional hikers who are looking for comfort and lightweight for a reasonable price.

KEEN Voyageur ($70) – Trail Shoes

KEEN Voyageur - best hiking boots under 100

Category:  Light trail shoes

Weight: 1lb 15.2oz / 884.6 g (1 pair)

Waterproof: Yes

With the Voyageur, Keen has created lightweight and durable day hiking shoes. The shoe is made from leather and mesh upper and will be comfortable even on the hottest days. With a specially designed footbed, you will get great support and comfort. Furthermore, the 4 mm multi-directional lugs allow you to get traction even on slippery surfaces.

These shoes are great for light day-hikes or hiking with a light pack over terrains of low to medium difficulty.

The North Face Men’s Ultra 109 GTX ($85) – Trail Boots

The North Face Men’s Ultra 109 GTX

Category: Light trail shoes

Weight: 1lb 15oz / 879g (1 pair)

Waterproof: Yes

The Ultra 109 GTX by North Face are extremely comfortable and durable light trail shoes. While the low-cut design doesn’t provide ankle support, you will get comfortable and flexible hiking shoes with great traction.

Meant for day hiking or trail running, the Ultra 109 GTX provides enough protection underfoot to feel comfortable on various terrains. Furthermore, these shoes deliver a subtle correction of pronation.

Merrell Moab 2 Mid WP ($95) – Trail Boots

Merrell Moab 2 Mid WP

Category: Trail boots

Weight: 2lb 2oz / 964g (1 pair)

Waterproof: Yes

The comfortable feel and great performance on various terrains make these waterproof hiking boots a great choice for a reasonable price. For $95, you will get great boots with suede leather, mesh upper and mesh lining, good cushioning, protective rubber toe cap, and more.

These boots are well suited for long and average to heavy hikes. You will have a great grip on most surfaces since the lug is 5 mm deep. Even on the most difficult hikes, you will feel comfortable since the contoured footbed and heels are made to absorb the shock.

Merrell Accentor 2 Mid WP ($90) – Trail Boots

Merrell Accentor 2 Mid WP

Category: Trail boots

Weight: 1lb 14oz / 850g (1 pair)

Waterproof: Yes

While offering comfort all day long, Merrell Accentor 2 boots are breathable and stable. They are made from suede leather and have an open mesh upper. Furthermore, they have a removable contoured insole that provides extra shock absorption and stability. The construction, design, and comfort provide an excellent combination for the price.

These budget hiking boots will best perform on long hikes with the average difficulty of the terrain. With these, you can count on the stability and support of your ankles as well as lightweight hiking boots.

Columbia Newton Ridge Plus II WP ($80) – Trail Boots

Columbia Newton Ridge Plus II WP

Category: Trail boots

Weight: 1 lb 15.7oz / 904g (1 pair)

Waterproof: Yes

These lightweight and versatile hiking boots are a great choice for a rigorous day out on a variety of trails. Although they are bargain-priced, the materials used are high-quality and include leather, mesh, and suede.

The seam-sealed design of these boots makes them waterproof while offering comfort and durability. Furthermore, the traction sole provides a great grip on various surfaces.

While Columbia Newton Ridge Plus might be the best budget hiking boots, they will best perform on occasional moderate trails rather than on a multi-day backcountry trip.

KEEN Targhee II Mid ($90) – Trail Boots

KEEN Targhee II Mid

Category: Trail boots

Weight: 2lb 2.8oz / 987g (1 pair)

Waterproof: Yes

Keeping your feet dry and providing great traction, Targhee II by Keen is a hiking boot that won’t let you down. The specially designed footbed provides great support while the heel has a pull tab to ease sliding the boots on. They are made from waterproof nubuck leather and have a breathable leather lining.

The manufacturer suggests you order ½ size larger than usual since the boots have been running small.

XPETI Thermator Evo Mid ($75) – Trail Boots / Mountaineering Boots

XPETI Thermator Evo Mid

Category: Trail boots/Mountaineering boots

Weight: 3lb 1oz / 1398g (1 pair)

Waterproof: Yes

Made 85% from suede leather, these high-cut hiking boots are great for rugged terrains and long hiking or mountaineering trips. They are comfortable, durable, and above all, will provide great support for your ankles and feet. The mesh lining keeps your feet dry while the rubber toe cap and heel stabilizer gives you the necessary protection on difficult hikes.

Our review of 8 best hiking boots under 100 in different categories offers you a wide range of choices. These boots are most highly recommended by customers who purchased them and left a review. Each of these budget hiking boots have different features meant for various preferences. We have selected the best budget options for you to review.

Hopefully, we have helped you to save time on deciding on the best hiking footwear under $100.

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